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Philmac Ball Valve - STRONGEST On The Market

Posted on February 18, 2016


Philmac’s iconic Ball Ball Valve has become the first product of its kind to receive StandardsMark™ certification against the new Australian standard (AS 5830.2-2012).
The new standard sets the requirements for the valve range including material and component compliance while ensuring the product is strong enough to last the test of time. The standard is in place to ensure long-term performance of critical water management systems.

Philmac Marketing & Development Director, Jason Mitchell said the Ball Valve was currently the only poly ball valve to meet the standard in the country.
“We have long known that the Philmac ball valve is the strongest on the market – and now we’ve got the certification to prove it,” he said.
“The standard means that the Ball Valve has been put through rigorous physical testing so we can ensure that the product will continue to meet the long term performance expectations of end users.”

Philmac Ball Vales are suitable for use above or below ground in irrigation and water distribution lines. They’re easy to operate, compact and provide an on and off control while functioning across a wide range of pressures up to 1600kPa.
Made in Australia and designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, Blue Handled Ball Vales are made from advanced materials to ensure resistance to impact, UV and corrosion.

“Testament to the product’s durability and reliability is its ongoing profile as one of our best sellers – and we expect the certification to ensure it remains this way for years to come,” Mr Mitchell said.

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