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Anka Low Density Pipe Fittings

Anka Pipe Fittings with these unique patented design will connect to a large range of pipes and hoses. Designed to fit NZ Low density polythene pipe made to (NZ7601) they will also fit: Australian Rural B, Irish Imperial, Thin wall Lateral pipe and a range of flexible hoses, suction and pressure.

Material : Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon makes these fittings strong and lightweight.

Maximum Working Pressure : 16 bar ( 1600 kpa - 230 psi) @ 20°c

Threads: BSPT

Pipes: Rural Direct pipe is most suitable for Anka fittings. NZ Low density polythene pipe (LDPE) – Common Brands:- LDPE Water Pipe (Rural Direct) EnduroFlex2 (Marley), Alkathene (Iplex). Australian Rural B. Irish imperial.

Fits: LDPE, Non Toxic Tubing, Garden Hose, Reinforced Tubing & Washdown Hose.

Quick and Easy to Fit: Push the pipe over the barbs up to the "stop" then tighten the BLUE NUT. The double barb gives a large surface area for the pipe to grip onto. In most situations the Anka fitting can be fitted cold to the pipe.



How to install Anka Fittings