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Water Meters

  • 15mm & 20mm meters are manual read
  • All other meters with EV are magnetic drive with EV pulse to comply with most NZ regional councils requiring meters capable of data logging or telemetry output
  • Meters to 50mm with threaded tails. 80mm is Table E flanged

Water Meter Spec Sheet

Water Meter Leads Spec Sheet


Code Description Size
WM15 Water meter 15mm
WM20 Water meter 20mm
WM32 Water meter 32mm
WM40 Water meter 40mm
WM50 Water meter 50mm
WMB25EV Water meter with leads 25mm with leads
WMB32EV Water meter with leads 32mm with leads
WMB40EV Water meter with leads 40mm with leads
WMB50EV Water meter with leads 50mm with leads
WMB80EV Water meter with leads 80mm with leads