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Camlocks Agricultural

Refer to Maclon Camlock Guide for clarification on using camlocks

Standard C and E type camlocks with hose tails to fit 110mm, 90mm, 75mm and 63mm OD MDPE pipe

Temperature and Working Pressure Chart


Code Camlock Size Hose Tail To Fit Pipe Size (mm OD)
CAM100110C 100mm 110mm
CAM100110E 100mm 110mm
CAM8090C 80mm 90mm
CAM8090E 80mm 80mm
CAM8075C 80mm 75mm
CAM8075E 80mm 75mm
CAM8063C 80mm 63mm
CAM8063E 80mm 63mm
CAM6575C 65mm 75mm
CAM6575E 65mm 75mm
CAM6563C 65mm 63mm
CAM6563E 65mm 63mm
CAM5063C 50mm 63mm
CAM5063E 50mm 63mm
CAM5057C 50mm 57mm
CAM5057E 50mm 57mm

HEAVY DUTY HOSE CLAMPS (Heavy Duty Hose Clips)

NHDC059 fits 63mm OD pipe

NHDC073 fits 75mm OD pipe

NHDC085 fits 90mm OD pipe

NHDC104 fits 110mm OD pipe

Refer to Maclon's hose clips (click here) for whole range Maclon's Hose Clips