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Slide Valves


Code Descriptio Size Pressure
MSV090 Macflo® pvc slide valve 90mm slide valve fits 90mm stormwater 0.35Mpa 51psi
MSV100 Macflo® pvc slide valve 100mm slide valve fits 110mm stormwater 0.35Mpa 51psi
MSV150 Macflo® pvc slide valve 150mm slide valve fits 160mm stormwater 0.35Mpa 51psi

Pvc slide valve with Stainless Steel spindle with triple sealing at the top (3 x O-ring). Application: stormwater pipe, ponds, pools, whirlpools, tanks, glasshouses. The Macflo® slide valves are equipped with the new Santoprene seals (100% chemical resistant) which are suited for vacuum and pressure. The blade is made of plastic, except the 110mm which has a Stainless Steel blade. Ideal for low pressure installations. 0.35Mpa 51psi

Macflo Slide Valve Spec Sheet


Code Description Size
SV175 PVC slide valve 175mm
SV225 PVC slide valve 225mm
SV300 PVC slide valve 300mm

Please note our 175, 225 & 300mm slide valves do not have any pressure rating applied.

They do have a 3mm O-ring for drip-free purposes.

Flow rate for:

225mm : 1 m3/h @ 0.0052 m/s

300mm : 1 m3/h 2 0.0036 m/s