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Philmac Brass Ballcock

Based on a simple yet effective operating principle, Philmac horizontal float valves are quick and easy to install ensuring a constant water level is maintained. Philmac’s versatile valve range is designed to handle the most demanding domestic, commercial, plumbing & agriculture applications. The high quality brass valve materials are nontoxic, taint free and suitable for drinking water. They can also be used in situations where the tank water is subsequently heated to a maximum of 95° Celsius. Designed to make the job at hand so much easier and backed by a full range of spare parts, these valves will deliver years of reliable operation


Agriculture: Stock troughs and water tanks. Plumbing: Hot and cold water storage tanks for domestic and industrial applications Industrial: Dishwashers and hospital sterilisers Commercial: Air-conditioning units, hot water boilers

Corrosion resistant: The bodies, plungers, lever assemblies, backnuts, collars and pivots pin are manufactured from DZR brass. With a stainless steel seat as standard it means years of hassle free operation.

Reliable Operation: High quality engineered components means years of reliable operation.

Positive Shut-Off:The action between the lever assembly and plunger assembly ensures the plunger assembly provides a complete seal against the water inlet and prevents unwanted loss of water.

Approvals: All valves comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard 4020 which means the valves are suitable for use with drinking water

High pressure shutoff: Horizontal float valves are rated to a pressure of 1400 kPa (200 psi) (static shutoff). This is based on using the standard lever arm and recommended float (ball) size. Shut Off Test: Valves are tested for shut off against a hydrostatic water pressure of 2000 kPa (290 psi) or 20 bar. Strength Test: Valves are tested for adequate strength for their intended application. This includes testing at the maximum recommended operating temperature and a pressure of 3000 kPa (435 psi) or 30 bar. Endurance Test: Operating mechanisms are subjected to 50,000 cycles. This simulates opening and closing operations

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Installation Instructions

Philmac Brass Ballcock

Code Description Size Pressure
PHBBC6910 Philmac brass ballcock - threaded arm only 10mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC15 Philmac brass ballcock - threaded arm only 15mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC6920 Philmac brass ballcock - threaded arm only 20mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC7220 Philmac brass ballcock - threaded arm c/w cord & nipple 20mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC6925 Philmac brass ballcock - threaded arm only 25mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC7225 Philmac brass ballcock - threaded arm c/w cord & nipple 25mm 1400KpA - 200psi

Philmac Brass Reservoir Valve

Code Decription Size Pressure
PHBBC32 Philmac brass reservoir valve 32mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC40 Philmac brass reservoir valve 40mm 1400KpA - 200psi
PHBBC50 Philmac brass reservoir valve 50mm 1400KpA - 200psi

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