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Code Description Size
BFB115 115mm black ballfloat 115mm
BFB150 150mm black ballfloat 150mm
BFO150 150mm orange ballfloat 150mm
CFVF150 150mm orange float for Cocky stainless steel ballcock 150mm
PHBF80 Philmac 80mm black ballfloat 3" Whit. 80mm 5/16" Whit. White
PHBF80W Philmac 80mm white ballfloat (Hot Water) 80mm 5/16" Whit (Hot Water) White
PHBF100W Philmac 100mm white ballfloat (Hot Water) 100mm 5/16" Whit (Hot Water) White
PHBF150 150mm black ballfloat for 20 & 25mm Philmac 5/16" Whit. 150mm 5/16" Whit. Black
PHBF175 175mm black ballfloat for 32mm Philmac 3/8" Whit. 175mm 3/8" Whit Black
PHBF175S 175mm Philmac plastic ballfloat 1/2" Whit 175mm 1/2" Whit Orange
PHBF200 200mm Philmac Plastic Ballfloat 3/8" Whit 200mm 3/8" Whit Black
PHBF200S 200mm Philmac Plastic Ballfloat 1/2" Whit 200mm 1/2" Whit Orange
PHBF225 225mm black ballfloat for 40 & 50mm Philmac ½" Whit. 225mm ½" Whit. Orange
BFC115 115mm copper ballfloat 115mm
BFC150 150mm copper ballfloat 150mm
BFC255 255mm 10 Inch copper ballfloat 255mm 10 Inch


Code Description
BA69 Full flow threaded arm
BA72 Full flow arm with cord and nipple
BA220 Hi lo threaded arm
BA225 Hi lo arm with cord and nipple
PCN Cord with plastic nipple and nut
HILOBP 15 mm Hilo ballcock brass plunger
HILOPP 15mm Hi lo ballcock plastic plunger
VSW15 5mm Hi lo ballcock washer
VSW20 20mm Hi lo ballcock washer
FFPP Full flow ballcock plastic plunger
FFBP Full flow ballcock brass plunger
FFVSW Full flow ballcock washer
CP cotter pin
HILO/N Hi lo ballcock brass nipple
OR Full flow ballcock plunger O ring
PHILARM Philmac ballcock threaded arm (with pin)
PHPL Philmac plunger
PHWA Philmac washer
PHPI Philmac pin
PHSK Philmac service kit (plunger, cap and washer)
BWRC Full flow ballcock washer retaining cap
SCP Stainless steel cotter pin
PHBTA Philmac adapter for 200mm ballfloats
CFVA400 Arm for Cocky float valve 400mm long
CFV150 150mm Float for Cocky valve
CFVAM10516 Cocky valve adaptor M10-5/16" BSW
CFVC300M1 Chain for Cocky valve 300mm long M10 nipple
CFVSP Set of split pins for Cocky valve body
CFVW Washer for Cocky valve body
CFVWS Washer seat for Cocky valve body