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Normafix Normetta Worm Drive Band

Continuous band clamping system Consisting of a continuous band, the NORMAFIX® NORMETTA® system is able to adapt itself to the shape and size of various objects. 4 different types of closure are available to choose from. The system is particularly suitable for carrying out retaining and repair work under difficult and extreme conditions.

Advantages at a glance • Flexible and versatile • Can be installed under difficult conditions

Applications • Irrigation systems • Railway industry • Building machines • Pump and filter • Retaining applications; sealing pipes during repair work • Attaching signs and containers • Binding hoses

The continuous band is available in a 30 m roll and as either a smooth version with a range of band widths or a version with thread stamping throughout (with 12 mm band width only). It can also be supplied in different material grades

Closure type NB-G For stamped bands; suitable for applications with cramped installation conditions. Can be re-used. Required tools: Screwdriver or SW7 socket spanner and plate shears

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Code Band Width Pack Size
NWDB13 Normafix normetta worm drive band continuos coils 30m coil
NWDB13 Norma closure stainless steel buckle for worm drive band 13mm 13mm x 50 per pack

NWDBB13 - Norma closure stainless steel buckle for worm drive band 13mm band.

Suitable for applications in tight situations.