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Norma Cobra Clips W4

One-piece hose clips NORMACLAMP® COBRA CLIPS products are bolt-free, one-piece hose clips. Their low overall height enables precise installation in even the tightest of spaces. NORMACLAMP® COBRA clamps are quick and easy to install.

W4 material

Advantages at a glance • Bolt-free hose clip in one piece • Quick, easy and safe installation • Maintenance-free fit

Applications • Machine building • Engine manufacturing • White goods • Pump and filter • Chemical industry • Suction lines • Irrigation systems • Ventilation lines • Food and beverage industry • Washing machine hoses • Agricultural machines • Pneumatic lines

Corrosion resistance in salt spray testing 240 hours

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Code Description Clamping Range Band Width Pack Size
NHCC15 Norma cobra hose clips W4 15.5-17 7mm 100
NHCC17 Norma cobra hose clips W4 17.5-19 7mm 100
NHCC18 Norma cobra hose clips W4 18.5-20 7mm 100
NHCC19 Norma cobra hose clips W4 19.5-21 7mm 100
NHCC22 Norma cobra hose clips W4 22.5-24 7mm 100

NORMACLAMP® COBRA Hand-held pliers These hand-held pliers enable precise installation and removal. The tips of the plier head enable a secure grip on the clip’s tool gripping points. The integrated smooth-running spring element keeps the pliers open continuously, allowing you to work quickly and comfortably.


Code Description
NHT1 Norma cobra hand tool - Pro
NHT2 Norma cobra hand tool - Economy