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Norma Cable Ties

Made exclusively of polyamide 6.6 so they do not interfere in electronic equipment. In the balck cable ties the added lack gives UV resistance according to ISO 4892 (QUIV-B 150 hours) compared to 3 years of outdoor exposure under sunlight and UV action

Applications: Electrical Installations, Industrial Wiring, Automative, Panel Building, Special Applications

Benefits - Smooth rounded edges make then easier to handleand safer to install. Bent rounded tip allows easier insertion through the head of the cable ties. Low friction co-efficient of material.

Characteristics Of Raw Material Polyamide 6.6: Working temperature: -40°C+85°C, Melting Temperature +110°C, Tighting temperature -10°C+60°C, Max admissible point +110°C

Must be purchased in full pack sizes

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Code Description Width x Length Pack Size
NCT2.2/75B 2.2X75mm Black 100
NCT2.2/75N 2.2X75mm Natural 100
NCT2.5/98B 2.5X98mm Black 100
NCT2.5/98N 2.5X98mm Natural 100
NCT3.6/140B 3.6X140mm Black 100
NCT3.6/140N 3.6X140mm Natural 100
NCT3.6/200B 3.6X200mm Black 100
NCT3.6/200N 3.6X200mm Natural 100
NCT3.6/290B 3.6X290mm Black 100
NCT3.6/290N 3.6X290mm Natural 100
NCT4.8/200B 4.8X200mm Black 25
NCT4.8/200N 4.8X200mm Natural 25
NCT4.8/250B 4.8X250mm Black 25
NCT4.8/250N 4.8X250mm Natural 25
NCT4.8/290B 4.8X290mm Black 25
NCT4.8/290N 4.8X290mm Natural 25
NCT4.8/430B 4.8X430mm Black 25
NCT4.8/430N 4.8X430mm Natural 25
NCT7.8/180B 7.8X180mm Black 25
NCT7.8/180N 7.8X180mm Natural 25
NCT7.8/240B 7.8X240mm Black 25
NCT7.8/240N 7.8X240mm Natural 25
NCT7.8/300B 7.8X300mm Black 25
NCT7.8/300N 7.8X300mm Natural 25
NCT7.8/365B 7.8X365mm Black 25
NCT7.8/365N 7.8X365mm Natural 25
NCT7.8/450B 7.8X450mm Black 25
NCT7.8/450N 7.8X450mm Natural 25
NCT12.6/720B 12.6X720mm Black 25
NCT12.6/720N 12.6X720mm Natural 25