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Anka Pipe Unions are designed for a number of pipe work installations around pumps, tanks, dairy sheds, industry and irrigation. With its unique design and by using a high quality Industrial Plastic/Glass-Fibre Reinforced Nylon they can be used in place of traditional metal fittings, with the advantage of being non-corrosive.

Features: Strong Design, Full Flow, Non-Corrosive; using high quality materials

Applications: Pumping, Irrigation, Plumbing, Marine, Industry, Agriculture

Made from high quality industrial grade glass fibre reinforced nylon •O-Ring seal for leak proof connection • 20mm to 50mm sizes • Threads BSPT.

For fast disconnect: The Anka Barrel Union is ideal for use in pipework around pumps to allow for easy removal of pump for servicing.

The Anka Barrel Union can easily connect to an Anka Male Coupling



ANKA Pipe Unions

Code Description
APU20 20mm f/f pipe union
APU25 25mm f/f pipe union
APU32 32mm f/f pipe union
APU40 40mm f/f pipe union
APU50 50mm f/f pipe union



Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon

O Ring :

Nitrile Rubber



Maximum Working Pressure : 16 bar (1600 psi - 230psi ) @ 20°c