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Anka Check Valves are a spring loaded Non return valve which can be installed at any angle. They can be installed in line and allow the fluid to flow in one direction only.

With the use of Non Corrosive components makes these valves ideal for many applications.

Features: Spring Loaded; ideal for installation at any angle, Non Corrosive; using High quality materials, Serviceable; valves can be taken apart for servicing

Applications, Pumping, Marine, Irrigation, Domestic, Agricultural, Industry

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ANKA Check Valves

Code Description
ACV15 15mm Anka check valve
ACV20 20mm Anka check valve
ACV25 25mm Anka check valve
ACV32 32mm Anka check valve
ACV40 40mm Anka check valve
ACV50 50mm Anka check valve


Body :Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon

Spring : 316 Stainless Steel

plunger : Acetyl

Seat : Nitrile Rubber

O Ring : Nitrile Rubber

Threads: BSPT

Maximum Working Pressure : 16 bar (1600 kpa – 230 psi) @ 20°