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Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings are suitable for high density polythene pipe (classes B,C & D) plus standard low density in 15mm-40mm. Recommended working pressure 12 bar - 174psi.

  • Body - Polypropylene
  • Locking ring and Sleeve - Acetyl
  • Sealing ring - Nitrile rubber seal
  • 15mm-50mm suitable for HIGH Density Pipe manufactured to RX Standard or NZS Standard and MEDIUM Density MDID to RX Standard
  • 15mm-40mm suitable for LOW Density Pipe to RX Standard or NZS Standard
  • Maximum working pressure 1200 kpa or 173 PSI
  • UV stabilised to resist breakdown in sunlight.
  • Suitable for municipal use and domestic supply.
  • New Zealand manufactured by RX Plastics
  • Robust strong fitting.
  • All connection threads BSPT
  • Fittings should be tightened with a wrench

Installation instructions


Code Description Size
RXC15 Straight coupling 15mm
RXC20 Straight coupling 20mm
RXC25 Straight coupling 25mm
RXC32 Straight coupling 32mm
RXC40 Straight coupling 40mm
RXC50 Straight coupling 50mm


Code Description Size
RXMC15 Male coupling 15mm
RXMC20 Male coupling 20mm
RXMC25 Male coupling 25mm
RXMC32 Male coupling 32mm
RXMC40 Male coupling 40mm
RXMC50 Male coupling 50mm


Code Description Size
RXFC15 Female coupling 15mm
RXFC20 Female coupling 20mm
RXFC25 Female coupling 25mm
RXFC32 Female coupling 32mm
RXFC40 Female coupling 40mm
RXFC50 Female coupling 50mm


Code Description Size
RXTE15 Tee 15mm
RXTE20 Tee 20mm
RXTE25 Tee 25mm
RXTE32 Tee 32mm
RXTE40 Tee 40mm
RXTE50 Tee 50mm


Code Description Size
RXFT15 Female tee 15mm
RXFT20 Female tee 20mm
RXFT25 Female tee 25mm
RXFT32 Female tee 32mm
RXFT40 Female tee 40mm
RXFT50 Female tee 50mm


Code Description Size
RXFE15 Female elbow 15mm
RXFE20 Female elbow 20mm
RXFE25 Female elbow 25mm
RXFE32 Female elbow 32mm
RXFE40 Female elbow 40mm
RXFE50 Female elbow 50mm


Code Description size
RXE15 Elbow 15mm
RXE20 Elbow 20mm
RXE25 Elbow 25mm
RXE32 Elbow 32mm
RXE40 Elbow 40mm
RXE50 Elbow 50mm


Code Description Size
RXME15 Male elbow 15mm
RXME20 Male elbow 20mm
RXME25 Male elbow 25mm
RXME32 Male elbow 32mm
RXME40 Male elbow 40mm
RXME50 Male elbow 50mm